Flexible Mindset with Jennie Francis

Jennie Francis is back on Conscious Experts by popular demand.  This is a series where we speak with wellbeing experts across Mind, Body and Planet and Jennie certainly is an expert in her field.

Jennie is a well known hypnotherapist, and until the pandemic, had a practice on Harley Street.  Guided by her intuition, she closed that practice after 15 years to transition her business online fully.

This conversation is all around flexible mindsets, something that Jennie clearly tapped into for her business model, and something we all need to cultivate to manage what life throws at us.

We talk about Jennie’s experience with the pandemic, how her business and business model changed.  We discuss what it takes to have a flexible mindset and some tips to implement.

Jennie also treats you to a short, but impactful micro-dose of hypnotherapy.  Hopefully it leaves you feeling as energized and positive as it did me!

For more information on Jennie head to his website:


Contact her directly by phone: 07803505337 ( Text is best)
Or email: jennie@jenniefrancis.co.uk